Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Cheapest Days to Shop

Ever wondered what the cheapest days to shop were? Like, hmmm, should I buy my plane ticket on a Monday or a Thursday? Well, the answer is actually Wednesday!
Who knew right? I found a great web video highlighting the best days of the week to get certain things the cheapest.

Here's a quick list previewing the items:

  • Mondays - Cars
  • Tuesdays - Eating Out
  • Wednesdays - Flights
  • Thursdays - Gas before 10am and Clothes at night
  • Sunday - Groceries and Hotels  (makes sense since coupons come out on Sundays)
  • Saturdays - Department Store Shopping
What do you think? Have you found these to be true?
Check out the full video where they explain the reasoning behind it all.


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