Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Things To Get FREE Online

Who doesn't love free? I say "Free" makes the world go 'round! Well, maybe not, but go with me here...
Did you know there are many things you can find online for free (or practically free) that you would otherwise have to pay for? I've compiled a handy little list of a few of my favorites.

1. Free Ringtones from Myxer.com - I've used this site and it couldn't be simpler. Depending on your data plan you may be charged for downloading, but it is still better than paying upwards of $3.

2. Free Language Courses from LiveMocha.com- This one is on my list to try. I love the idea of not having to pay for a course and still being able to study a foreign language!

3. Free Financial Planner - Have you checked on what professional financial planners charge? Yeah, I think I will stick with Mint.com. They have a completely free financial planning system available on their site. Go Mint!

4. Free TV and Movies from Hulu.com - I've actually considered canceling my cable/satellite provider and using Hulu instead! But that would be crazy, right? ~sheepish grin~

5. Free Silver Jewelry from SilverJewelryClub.com - I've ordered from them in the past and the quality of the jewelry is very nice. You only pay for shipping which is $7,  so it's not totally free but considering your buying jewelry, $7 is a great price for what you're getting.

6. Free Books with Kindle from Amazon - Yup, you don't have to actually buy a kindle to get all those great free titles. You can download, Kindle for your PC, Mac, ipad, iphone, android, or Blackberry.

7. Free Personal Organizer from Springpad - This is a great app you can download for your iphone, android phone or your computer. You can save anything you want to remember from any website. Recipes, books, ideas, you name it. It will even make grocery lists from recipes you save. How cool is that? Keep all the important things you want to remember organized in one place!

So there you have it. Enjoy!



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eof777 said...

Excellent tips and good thing is they are free! Happy to visit form the SITS 31 DBBB Challenge.
Best wishes,

Kelly said...

Hi Kelly from #31DBBB here and I liked blog.

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by all! :)

Coupon Teacher said...

I love free! Thanks for linking up!

Julie said...

I love free stuff! Thanks for sharing. Just stopping by from SITS 31DBBB challenge.

Lynda said...

I've tried LiveMocha before - it's pretty cool! I haven't followed through with an entire course, but I think it would definitely be useful especially if you want to add a little Spanish or other language to your vocabulary for business purposes!

Thanks for sharing the other free stuff. Everyone loves FREE!

Melissa said...

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by :)

Алиса Дементьева said...

As you may have heard, Livemocha is no longer in business and that link no longer works.

Also, site https://www.lingq.com/, is an web and mobile language learning tool for learning languages in context. This is a great analogue of Livemocha.