Friday, August 6, 2010

5 Surefire Ways to Trick Out Your Blog Posts

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Ever feel like your blog posts are just too "blah"? You spend all that time typing and tweaking and then you just feel underwhelmed when you look at the screen? Just like everything else in life, our blog posts can benefit from a little accessorizing now and then. Here are 5 ways to make your posts stand out.
  • Use Zemanta! Zemanta works alongside you as you write your blog post and automatically suggests pictures, links and keywords for you. It works on all blogging formats and it is awesome! You will wonder how you ever blogged without it, trust me.
  • Add a print friendly button. This can be especially helpful for list posts or deal bloggers that do weekly coupon matchups. Your reader can then easily print out your post. You can even give them the option to print to PDF.
  • Add social media share buttons. Sexy bookmark is very popular or you could use share this or even a Wibiya bar like I have on my blog. The options are endless really,  just pick one you like. If you use blogger, you can now easily add share buttons by activating the feature in your post preferences.
  • Get your own personal blog signature! Go to My live Signature and pick a font you like, grab the code and install on your post footer! 
  • Use Disqus for comments. Yes you can install it on blogger! It is a global commenting system that encourages more interaction between you and your readers.  Sure beats the old boring commenting system huh?
Have fun adding these goodies if you haven't already! Have you found any other useful add-ons that make your blog posts anything but ordinary? Leave me a comment!


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