Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Libertad" or Freedom for Cuba 10-20-09

I just wanted to lend my voice to a movement that is going on today throughout the blogosphere. A group of cuban bloggers from within and outside the island are crying out for freedom today. I support them and wish them continued fortitude in their daily struggle.

I was lucky enough to be born this country, my grandparents left Cuba once they realized Castro was nothing but a lying, murderous, scoundrel. Many of these young bloggers have not been so lucky, they have had to remain on the island, many are not much older than me, but I think they may be the generation that finally wins over the tyranny. So today I lend them my humble support via a blog post. To lend your support, please click on the "libertad" image on the left. The blog is in Spanish but there is a myriad of other blogs to read, most notably "Generation Y". This blog is run by Yoani Sanchez, she is probably the most notable figure in Cuba's freedom fight right now and I believe she will remain in the forefront for years to come. She blogs from hotels where she has to pay $7-$10 an hour to use the internet since cuban citizens are not allowed to have private home internet accounts. There is a donation button on her site if you wish to help her monetarily.


Roller skates said...

It sounds really bad. It's really stunning thing that in present age everyone have right of freedom.

Heating Brisbane said...

I like such altruistic effort. Cuba folks are very needful for such help.