Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Honeybees are Dying

For the first time today I noticed a dying honeybee, he couldn't fly and seemed to be disoriented. Then I noticed another bee already dead. This is truly disturbing. I did some research on this, although I had already heard about the disease affecting them. It is called CCD or colony collapse disorder. Bees are responsible for pollinating all of our fruit and vegetable crops, in fact most crops need honeybees. Nearly all colonies in the wild have already died, and without beekeepers, the rest will die off in a few years. Here is a link to an article that delineates what we can do to help the honeybees. The best site, however, is the Haagen Dazs website, there you can donate directly to the research universities. You can even build your own bee! I made the one at the left :) Check out my Squidoo Page on this very subject too. Please donate if you can. Poor little honeybees :(

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Aimee Dars said...

Poor bees! So glad you are bringing attention to this topic.

nikii said...

poor bees!

well, I don't like be that much because once my arm was stunk by a bee! It hurts!! my arm went bigger and got more pain.

I ran to First Aid room at the university to asked the nurse get bee-thingie out of my arm. So much horrible for me .. since that I don't want to be with bees area or anyplace with bees around ! :)

hee hee

Vanessa said...

We have taken the honey bee forgranted far too long. People don't seem to realize how dependant we are on them for so much of the food we eat! Thanks for putting the link out there for donating to help save them!

tanyBUG said...

wow i had no idea this was such a problem, thank you for brinigng it to attention!

Art By MAR said...

I have heard about this disease with bees and it is disturbing. It's great you are giving it some attention plus I love the little bee you made!

littlebitwired said...

This is really freaky, not to mentin sad... I just went to see "The Happening" last night and the precursor to that "event" was the bees disappearing.... weird

Angie said...

This really is a scary thought. Until there were stories in the news, I had never really taken time to think about their importance in our lives!